General cleaning is a thorough and thorough cleaning of elements in a room. In general, we can only clean a certain area for you, or we can generally clean your entire apartment / business premises, which clients choose more often.

general cleaning after restoration

Clients often opt for a general cleaning service when they have finished renovating an apartment, regardless of whether the entire apartment or just one part (e.g. a bathroom) has been renovated.

cleaning when handing over the apartment for rent

Even in this case, clients often decide to thoroughly clean their apartment. In this case, of course, it is important to clean all the elements in the apartment, including the interior of cabinets, refrigerator, oven …


General cleaning prolongs the life of the equipment and improves the quality of living in the room.

With general cleaning we clean what we do not with regular cleaning. It is recommended that the premises are generally cleaned at least twice a year.

A feature of general cleaning is that it is a thorough cleaning of all elements inside and outside the room (eg window frame outside, window glass outside …). With general cleaning we reach places where regular cleaning usually does not, e.g. cabinet tops, cabinet interiors, doors and frames, grease above kitchen cabinets, refrigerator interior, oven interior, limescale on faucets and bathroom cabins, space behind the washing machine … Chandeliers are also cleaned. ceiling lights, cobwebs on the walls, radiators are blown out …


Due to the extensive work, general cleaning for approx. 60m2 usually takes 8 hours of work. We usually agree with the clients to pick up the keys to the building in the morning, when it goes e.g. to work and hand over the keys to her when she returns from work.

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